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Established in response to the challenges our global community was confronted with during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Global Education Fund represents an ongoing effort to equip students with high-quality medical knowledge and empower them to continue their medical training and serve their communities with the best possible care.

Lots of meritorious aspirants are unable to take institutional guidance for Medical and Engineering due to unfavourable Economic Conditions or NEET Score Issues . Uchaai National Scholarship Program is aim to provide the best education to the talented student by funding to their higher education. Hence, to nurture the talent of such candidates,  Uchaai will provide scholarship College tuition fee with Health Insurance.

Our mission is to empower future doctors, regardless of financial background. We believe deeply that crucial medical knowledge should be accessible to all those who seek it. This is why we provide support in the form of resources to students and medical professionals through the Uchaai UG2-020 Scholarship Program.

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